Online shopper collects Aeroplan Miles with smart purchasing

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Collectors

We work hard for our money, and we want our money to work just as hard for us. We want it to take us anywhere we want to go in the world or bring the world to us.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so effective at earning reward miles they seem to be redeeming for something every other week? It’s because they know how to play the game to gain the best value and allow them to enjoy their rewards they want more quickly – and more often.

Here are seven ways to join the ranks of awesome accumulators, the inspired collectors who consistently get the most from their rewards programs.

  1. Accumulate miles by consolidating your online and offline shopping

There is no better way to earn miles and grow your balance than ensuring every purchase you make pulls every single eligible mile out of every transaction.

Consolidate your shopping within the Aeroplan network to earn miles on everyday items. Aeroplan has more than 75 world-class partners which represent more than 150 brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors.

When shopping online, make sure you shop through the Aeroplan eStore to access online stores for brands like Sephora, the Gap, Club Monaco, and many more. Thinking about buying an iPad? Use the Aeroplan eStore to access the Apple store. Pay with your Aeroplan-affiliated credit card and you’ll collect Aeroplan miles from your Apple purchase and credit card, racking up big-time miles with small time effort on something you wanted and would have bought anyway.

  1. Build your balance just by paying your bills

One of the easiest ways to add to your miles balance is to pay for your regular monthly bills using your Aeroplan-affiliated credit card instead of by cheque or through direct debit from your bank account. There are lots of things you can pay this way, including cellphone and Internet bills, utilities such as electricity and water, magazine subscriptions, insurance, gym memberships, and even charitable donations. Just be sure to create a transfer that also automates paying off those amounts each month to even out your balance!

In addition to earning miles by using your Aeroplan credit card to pay for these things, you’ll also never risk being charged late fees for missing a payment and you’ll have just one consolidated payment to make each month instead of several smaller ones.

  1. Make finding bonus offers your business

Smart collectors do a bit of research to make sure they know where the offer bonuses are to make sure that sweet miles bounty is waiting for them at checkout. It’s not just affiliate stores and miles-collecting card, but also the many bonus offers from Aeroplan partners that become available throughout the year.

  1. Think short and long haul

For many reward miles collectors, a great measure of the value of those miles is how many dollars per mile they can redeem them for. Your long-term goal may be to take a bucket list trip paid for only in miles, but sometimes you can get a lot more bang for your buck by booking a last-minute flight to somewhere closer.

By stretching every mile, you get the things you want and still are left with some miles in your account for when you are ready to go transcontinental.

  1. Know that the sum of your plans are greater than your flight

Try taking the previous tip to the next level – look for the best mile-per-dollar opportunities offered by partner brands, including hotel accommodations and car rental companies.

Consider your options, look for great value and watch your redemptions blossom.

  1. Use your Aeroplan credit card to pay fees and associated charges for flights

Who says you can’t book and build at the same time? You used your strategy to earn lots of miles and now you’ve used them to jet off for a weekend getaway. Congratulations!

You can earn miles on carrier fees and surcharges by paying for them with your Aeroplan credit card and start building up balance again immediately.

  1. Save some miles for a rainy day

Life happens. Many people initially setup their loyalty rewards accounts with visions of redeeming their miles for travel to some exotic, faraway place. But the day may come when you need to travel when neither you nor your budget are planning to. Carry a balance of points to cover unforeseen travel can help manage your saving and stress levels.

By applying the rules above you’ll build a practice of earning miles as you’re redeeming rewards, giving you the little bit extra you need to go the unforeseen distance, when you need to most with a smaller or no cost to you.

Collecting reward miles is just like anything else in life: you get out of it what you put into it. By researching best strategies and looking for every opportunity to earn bonus miles, you’ll be able to build up your miles balance more quickly than you ever thought possible. With so many great rewards out there for you to claim, make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to grab ’em!