Flying on the Ground: More Miles, Made Easy

Think flight rewards are only for the business traveler or the rich? Think again. Millions of Canadians are earning flights just through savvy spending behaviour.

Experienced travel points collectors will tell you that earning miles every day by simply adjusting how you shop and pay puts you on a fast track to achieving your travel reward goals.

Members of loyalty programs earn rewards every time they use a program-affiliated credit card to pay for everyday expenses such as groceries and gas. Members of the Aeroplan program earn miles twice when they fill up at Esso stations. Once when they pay using their program-affiliated credit card and again when they present the Aeroplan card at the cash. These daily purchases mean miles add up quickly and that hard-earned dollars spent on these essentials goes further.

The same program-affiliated credit cards can be used to earn miles on less frequent but higher value purchases like clothing, electronics, insurance, beauty products and gifts for loved ones moving closer to their travel goals with every purchase. A new fall coat and sweet pair of boots could mean a move to business class. Double score!

The opportunity to earn miles with more than one retailer or flight carrier can make or break the ability to build a balance quickly. Home improvements are often significant investments in both time and money. Members of the Aeroplan program earn a mile for every two dollars they spend at Home Hardware, meaning that giving their house a fresh coat of paint and upgrading their garden can improve much more than their curb appeal. Smart program members ensure that they’re building equity in their home and racking up miles with every reno.

Earning miles on the ground might just be the quickest path to your next reward flight.