Frequent flyer spends Aeroplan Miles at the airport

Five Facts About Your Miles

Why members should keep accumulating Aeroplan Miles

Aeroplan is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada, with five million active members. With so many people accumulating and redeeming Aeroplan Miles, it’s little wonder many of them have had some questions after Air Canada, one of Aeroplan’s partners, announced it would launch an in-house frequent flyer program in mid-2020.

Let’s start with the two most important facts.

First, Aeroplan members will continue to be able to accumulate miles and to redeem them for travel, hotel, car rental, merchandise, and experiential rewards. Just as importantly, Aeroplan will work to ensure that members are able to redeem for flight rewards long past 2020.

Second, Aeroplan will continue to connect with members, to tailor and personalize their communications with them, and to create more meaningful, relevant reward experiences and earning opportunities.

Here are some answers to other questions from Aeroplan members:

  1. There’s no impact on pending travel

The travel plans of members with current flight reward bookings – or those planning to book flights on Air Canada any time in the next three years – are not affected. Aeroplan’s agreement with Air Canada extends until June 29, 2020, and members can continue booking flight rewards and redeeming with Air Canada and Star Alliance member airlines up to that date. Aeroplan is currently working to ensure members will continue to be able to redeem for flight rewards with industry-leading airlines beyond 2020.

  1. Accumulate your miles as long as you want as long as you stay active

It’s important for active Aeroplan members to know they can retain their miles until they decide to redeem them, provided their account remains active. Aeroplan Miles remain in the Aeroplan program and can be redeemed for flights and more than 1,000 hotel, car rental, merchandise, and experiential rewards.

In order to qualify as “active,” a member must make one transaction within a 12-month period. This can be as simple as providing or entering your Aeroplan membership number when you are buying gas at the local Esso station, shopping online at the Aeroplan eStore, test-driving a car at the local Toyota dealership, redeeming for a flight reward, or donating miles to non-profit charities and causes through Aeroplan’s member donation program, for example.

  1. The process of accumulating miles is unchanged

Aeroplan members will continue to accumulate miles as they always have, including by shopping at Aeroplan’s more than 75 world-class partners, representing over 150 partner brands, including Avis, Fairmont Hotels, Esso, Home Hardware, Toyota and Members carrying Aeroplan-affiliated financial cards from American Express, TD or CIBC can earn additional Aeroplan Miles whenever they use their cards. In fact, the majority of Aeroplan members are frequent spenders, not frequent flyers.

  1. Aeroplan delivers competitive value

Aeroplan continues to deliver competitive value to help its members get the most from their miles. On average, our members flew for less than they would have with other travel rewards programs in Canada on the 1.9 million flights redeemed last year.1

  1. Aeroplan still offers valued booking flexibility

With a choice of two flight rewards options—Fixed Mileage and Market Fare Rewards—members have access to any available seat, on Air Canada flights at any time. Aeroplan members redeemed their miles for 1.9 million flights in 2016, equivalent to filling 11 Boeing 777s every day.

With many long-term agreements in place, members can continue to expect a great program and can keep collecting and redeeming miles. And while it remains business as usual for the five million active members, Aeroplan officials are committed to building an even stronger program to ensure members can continue to earn miles quickly and redeem them long past 2020 for the rewards and experiences they want most.



1- With a choice of two flight reward options, Aeroplan members get access to any seat, at any time, on all Air Canada flights. On average, across all card categories, Aeroplan members needed fewer miles to fly based on a comparison of 2016 Aeroplan flight reward bookings against actual market base fares (excluding taxes, fees and surcharges) and other leading financial institutions’ travel rewards programs in Canada.